What are the popular gift hamper ideas?


The month of the festival is just around the corner. In fact, some of the festivals are already happening and some are on their way. Hence one needs to arrange plenty of gifts for their family members and friends.

For gift hamper by post, one can select from the varieties that are available for people who are staying at different cities or even countries. So, even though one is not in the same city or the country, they can always feel special during the festival month. One can easily order these varieties from online gift sites. One can also make some lovely gift hampers at home for their family members and friends. Here are a few basket ideas:

Snack Hampers:

Snacks are loved and eaten by everyone. When it comes to festivals, people love to spend time with their family and friends and when they sit together to chat, munchies are a must. So, it is a great idea to make a hamper which can be filled with bags of nachos, chips and flavoured popcorns. Do not forget to add some small pouches of delicious dips because they can be a great accompaniment. If one wants to make a healthy snacks hamper, then bottles of flavoured nuts and dry fruits can be a great option. One can also add some trail mixes and granola bars to it.

Sweets Hamper

Do not go for the regular sweet gift hampers these days and make a basket with a twist. Here, one can put some flavoured and gourmet chocolate bars and add some cookie bottles in various flavours. Along with that, one can also add a box of flavoured cupcakes. A fruit cake or a plum cake can also be a great addition because these are loved by people of any age group.

Tea and Coffee Hampers

When one is preparing a hamper for a winter festival then this can be a great option. In fact, one can also send this hamper to people who love both hot and cold brews. In this basket, one can add some small boxes of tea bags which should be of assorted flavours. There are plenty of variations that one can add like Lemongrass, Assam Tea, Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Lemon and Honey Tea, Sen Cha Tea, Chamomile Tea and many more. One should also add a small bottle of freshly ground coffee to that hamper. If one wants to make it a bit bigger then it is a good idea to add a box of tea cakes and flavoured cookies with them.

Ice Cream Hamper

Handmade ice creams have become quite popular these days apart from regular brands. One can always make this hamper for children as they love eating ice creams. But when one is preparing or even ordering this hamper they must do it for someone who lives nearby or in the same city. For gift hampers UK one can choose from the plenty of options that are available online these days and these are easy to order.

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